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HEART Gentle Yin Yoga
Healing Energy Alchemy Reiki Therapy with Holly Briscoe
Wednesday 7pm
March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st

Holly will be blending slow stretchy yoga postures to assist relaxing and reducing tension with Healing Energy Alchemy Reiki Therapy. This event will bring balance to the everyday “wear and tear” on your muscles and joints by stretching the connective tissues, releasing fascia and lactic acid build up. Reconnect with deeper breath to soothe and reset your central nervous system, strengthen your immune system, and deepen your intuitive connection to your Higher Self – aka your Soul. Boost your body’s ability to heal, raise your vibration and frequency!!

You can look forward to clearing energetic waste and karma and agreements, DNA and crystal activations, chakra repair and upgrades, auric layer repair and upgrades, clearer clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient channels, countless downloads of healing information and crystalline gifts, improved clarity, consciousness, joy, love, gratitude, worthiness and awareness, MORE power to heal yourself and others, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Holly has been teaching yoga locally full time for over 23 years. She’s been a Reiki practitioner for over 15 years and a practicing Alchemy Healer for over 6 years. For more questions, contact Holly at (561) 373-3567.

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Fundamental Movement Workshop with Joi Dupre
Saturday, March 16th – 2pm – 4pm

5 Fundamental Movements to improve your yoga, sport, & daily practices.

Learn how to breathe optimally to access more movement options.
Understand how to achieve a “stacked” position of your rib cage and pelvis so that you can more effectively manage pressure and improve force production. Learning to breathe and move well will assist in alleviating pain and discomfort.

Learn the importance of hip shifting so you can access more power from the lower limb which is important for a body that moves well. Bonus, your glutes will thank you!

Learn how to perform protraction of the shoulders so you can optimize control in all planes of motion and improve stability of the shoulder joint without compensation.

Learn how to utilize co-contractions so you can build a resilient body that is capable of creating stiffness and protecting joints!

Joi Dupre is an orthopedic massage and movement therapist, corrective movement specialist, and teaches Functional Flow at Green Tara Yoga.  www.motivitywithjoi.com

Full Moon Sound Healing with Yin Yoga
with MaryJo Samaritano
Saturday – 2pm – 3:30pm
March 23rd

Connect to the divine energy of the Full Moon. Release what no longer serves your purpose, passion, and highest good.
Welcome prosperity, health, peace, and joy into your life.  Imagine the moonlight washing over you while being guided through Chakra balancing Yin postures, breathwork, and meditation. Settle in and receive Sacred Sound Healing. Various instruments are used including crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes, ocean drum, bells, and tuning forks. You will leave feeling clear, refreshed, and restored. Aromatherapy will be used throughout the session.

MindBodyRock with Bonnie Hubscher
Sunday 2pm – 3:30pm
March 3rd, April 7th, May 5th
$20 (pay on arrival)

As a 66 years BOLD happy baby boomer my mission is to bring you a mind-body practice inspired by athletic Vinyasa yoga and Pilates Mat. But, that’s been done before. MindBodyRock is unique as the inspiring music sets the pace and mood to raise or lower your heart rate but it’s still joint safe, fun, and challenging!

MindBodyRockers enjoy cardio fitness, greater lung volume, improved balance, agility, coordination, and sports performance. The sequencing trains the entire mind-body connection restoring muscular harmony so you can move with greater ease in all things you love to do!

Tune-In Bhakti Flow with Matt Swanner
2nd Wednesdays – 7pm – 8:30pm
March 13th, April 10th, May 8th
$10 (pay on arrival)

Tune-In Bhakti Flow is an invitation to connect and indulge in a tranquil journey of vocal toning, chanting, and meditation, proven to reduce stress, improve respiratory and cognitive function, and stimulate emotional release, while fostering social connection and a sense of community.

Rooted in the rich tradition of Bhakti Yoga, these evenings are an opportunity to nurture your body, mind, and soul in a community of like-hearted individuals. Join us for an enchanting experience that promises to linger long after you’ve left the mat.

No yoga attire or mats are necessary for participation. Musical instruments are encouraged. Come as you are and enjoy the experience!

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1. Yoga for the Immune System  $25
2. Understanding Life through the Yoga Sutras  $119
3. Revelations of the Upanishads  $109
4. Develop Your Home Yoga Practice  $25
5. All About the Psoas  $30
6. Hips & Hamstrings Yoga  $20
7. The Meaning of Aum and How to Chant It  $25
8. Chakra Affirmations Yoga  $20
9.  An In Depth Study of The Bhagavad Gita  $169
10.  Low Back Pain? It Could Be Your QL!  $28
11.  The Eight Pillars of Joy  $109
12.  Yoga for Sciatica  $30
13.  “A New Earth” Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose  $129