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Donate to Tin Keo School in Laos!

In November, a group of yogis from Green Tara Yoga in Jupiter will be traveling to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. During our trip, we will be visiting the Tin Keo school in Laos. We are working with the Grand Circle Foundation to raise money for some essential items the school needs.

The village’s chief has sent us the list of items in addition to normal school supplies.

1. Water dispenser machine
2. Grass cutting machine
3. Cabinet (for keeping school supplies)

We would like to raise $1,000 to be used for this school. If you would like to donate, please use the link below. After your donation, please contact Mary Veal so we may track your donations. You can reply to this email ([email protected]) or text/message Mary. We don’t need the amount, just the name on the donation.

Select school, then select Laos – Tin Keo school.

Tin Keo Primary School was built by villagers of Tin Keo and started operating in early 2009, with 18 children attending from the village.

Tin Keo school has been supported by Grand Circle Foundation since 2012. The school has grown in that time and with the foundation’s support, now has electricity, a computer room and library. We also renovated the classrooms with new paint, ceilings, fans and a building roof and purchased new desks, chairs and blackboards.

An equally important need is clean, safe hygiene facilities. To that end we refurbished the existing toilets when we first started our partnership and are now in the process of constructing new additional toilets to provide for the growing student population.

Grand Circle Foundation’s support has also built a fence and created a fully equipped playground, because school should also be fun.