Amy Rodkin

Amy Rodkin is a spiritual yoga teacher who shares the practice of yoga through breath, movement and meditation. Amy will hold space for each person to feel the stillness of the present moment ans become aware of their own Inner Being. Her goal is to guide you towards a better feeling which includes meeting your Self exactly where you are, alignment in body, mind, and spirit. Amy has been practicing yoga and spirituality for over 20 years. She completed two 200hr yoga teacher trainings in 2014 at Anuttara Yoga Shala and in 2019 at Green Tara Yoga. She is a certified Reiki Master practitioner and holistic life coach. Join Amy and feel the shift you create withIN.

Bonnie Hubscher

In 1980, my family and I founded Stayin’ Alive Fitness Centers. I wore many hats since 1980 – but my true passion has always been that of a teacher of movement. I taught a wide variety of group fitness formats, personal training, as well as Pilates Mat and Apparatus. I discovered The Pilates Method of exercise in 1999, fell in love with the deeper knowledge of bio-mechanics, stabilization, alignment and connection of breathe-to-movement. Now 65 years bold and a Happy Baby Boomer, I practice Pilates and Hatha Yoga to maintain my current level of fitness. I believe it’s working very well for me! I feel blessed to work in a field that inspires folks to invest in the health of their mind, body, and soul. I love sharing this blessing with as many other open-hearted folks as possible!

Holly Briscoe

Holly has been a student of Yoga since 1999. At first she was VERY frustrated by how inflexible and weak she felt – it was incredibly humbling for her. Soon she started to feel stronger, healthier, centered, more balanced and peaceful. Her life began to change in wonderful and unexpected ways. Holly finally saw the beauty in patience, discipline and being still inside. Somewhere along the way she found her voice and began to use it. Then things became clearer for her on many levels. Now she realizes she was waking up. She began to listen to her intuition and later trust it. Even now, she believes that every day brings a new lesson. She was asked to teach in 2001 and absolutely loves it. Holly LOVES having anything to do with people getting into Yoga and having their lives changed as a result. She has completed many work shops and teacher trainings in conjunction with YogaWorks, Integrative Healing Strategies, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and the Institute for Advancement of Human Behavior. Her training reaches Vinyasa, Sivananda, Vini, Bikram, Ashtanga and Pre-natal Yoga and various types of meditation and energy work. She is certified with the prestigious and international YogaWorks and is a YogaWorks Teacher Trainer Ambassador. She is also certified for Advanced Reiki. On the personal side, she grew up in Kansas and has two amazing children. Holly thinks a little sense of humor can go a LONG way. She trusts that the Universe guides us when we pay attention and stay present. Holly believes energy medicine is VERY powerful stuff. And she thinks people should use Yoga in their lives however it suits them

Joi Dupre

Hi! I am Joi Dupre. My love affair with Yoga began in 2011 and led me to receive my Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour teacher certification in December 2013 at Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, FL. Safety in practice has always been at the forefront of my teaching. I discovered Lara Heimann, Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor in 2019 and the next chapter of my love story began. I knew right away that her LYT Method of Functional Movement and Yoga was a perfect fit for me. LYT Yoga, grounded in the teachings of physical therapy, focuses on re-training poor movement and posture habits.  In taking her classes, my back, SI Joint, neck and shoulder issues dissolved. I have never felt so strong, connected, and integrated in my body and I knew I had to share this Method. I am a 500-hour Certified LYT Yoga Method instructor and ambassador. My passion and commitment are that everyone move through life on and off the mat effectively and efficiently by creating safe, sustainable, and functional yoga classes.

I have been a licensed massage therapist (MA59262, MM42129) for 23 years. I specialize in Therapeutic Massage: Neuromuscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage,  Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue; I blend these techniques to create a session that is customized to meet your individual needs.  I am currently training with biomechanics specialist Conor Harris to further enhance my massage and movement practice. This course focuses on corrective exercises to transform posture and pain.

Technically trained and naturally funky best describes me.  I received a BA in Dance from the University of South Florida in 1990. Throughout my career, I have performed and choreographed in many major cities across the United States being showcased in everything from modern dance companies, music videos to national and international television programs. Among my endeavors, the following are highlights:  artistic director and choreographer for GLAM SLAM Miami: a nightclub owned by Prince; principle dancer for Patti LaBelle In Super Bowl XXIX; and choreographer for the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team. I was fortunate to have worked closely with and performed for such choreographers as Tina Landon (Janet Jackson) and Jamie King (Prince and Madonna). I am currently an avid Latin dancer.

In 2004, I graduated summa cum laude from Georgia State University with an MS in Exercise Science where I received the “Outstanding Exercise Science Graduate Student” award.  I bring passion and knowledge of movement and bodywork to every class and client providing a nurturing, safe, and educative experience that is sprinkled with love and laughter.

Judy Hunt Neal

Judy’s yoga journey started after back surgery in her early 40’s in Lexington, Kentucky. Her yoga path was enhanced after practicing and attending the Yoga retreats at Kashi Ashram hosted by Mary Veal. Judy received her spiritual name from Kashi in January 2019 “Bhakti Jaya” and knew then her life was about to change; thank you Shakti, & Kashi. Judy loves the practice of yoga, moving in life with the theme of Mind, Body, & Spirit. Judy graduated in the first YTT 200 hr class at Green Tara Yoga in 2019. She also completed the Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher Training Program in September 2019. She loves chair yoga and helping others stay fit and healthy.

Mary Veal

Mary is a nationally certified E-RYT 500 yoga teacher. Her love of all paths of yoga is evident in her dedicated practice of more than 25 years. Mary is the Manager and Owner of Green Tara Yoga in Jupiter, Florida. After graduating from UCF, Mary worked for a concert promoter, a radio station and Comcast Communications. After 25 years in corporate life, Mary became a full time yoga teacher. Mary is a mentor, teacher and trainer for the national “Yoga for Arthritis” program. She combines her love of music and yoga by teaching Rock and Roll Yoga and even taught Heavy Metal Yoga on Motorhead’s Motorboat Cruise in 2014 and 2015. She has had the honor of teaching and hosting trainings at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida and Satchidananda Ashram in Yogaville, Virginia. She has a great passion for training future yoga teachers and offers a 200 hour and 300 hour teacher training through her studio in Florida. Mary loves traveling and hosts several international yoga retreats per year. Past retreats have included Tanzania, Africa, Peru, The Galápagos Islands, Mexico, India, Egypt and Iceland. Mary is looking forward to upcoming yoga retreats in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

Maura McLaughlin

Maura has been passionate about fitness, health and wellness for the past 30 years. In 2017, she returned from the magical Isla Del Sol, Bolivia and began to walk a spiritual path. In 2019, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Green Tara Yoga. During this course, Maura embraced yoga not only in the studio but as a lifestyle. She is much more understanding, compassionate and balanced. As a teacher, Maura wants to help students awaken their inner strength through the physical asanas while sharing her love and knowledge of yoga.

Maureen Agnello CYT, BSN RN

Maureen has been practicing yoga for seventeen years. After sustaining injuries from running in 2006 she knew that she had to slow it down physically and wanted to find something to replace running. She had been taking Pilates classes for several years which incorporated yoga poses, so she decided to explore a yoga practice. Maureen discovered the powerful healing benefits of yoga and knew then that her commitment to yoga would be lifelong. Maureen has been on an “off the mat” yoga journey for her entire adult life, attending classes, workshops, and SatSangs with a variety of spiritual teachers including Mary Pompeo, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Abraham Hicks. She
has experienced an eclectic path of study which eventually included the roots and traditions of yoga philosophy in Yoga Teacher Training. Her classes reflect these diverse teachings and how to apply them to our daily lives to maintain peace and balance. Maureen received her 200 hour CYT certification in 2018 after completion of Mindful Vinyasa Teacher Training under Laura Wenger at YogaFish Studio in Stuart FL. She continued her journey with a Mindfulness Yin Yoga training under Rishi Eric Infanti from Mela Academy. Maureen believes a yoga practice should be a Mind Body Breath experience, integrating the three disciplines of yoga – Dhyana~meditation, Pranayama~breath work and Asana~the physical poses. She understands that connecting breath to movement improves focus and balance, and helps to quiet the mind. As a Registered nurse for over 36 years Maureen has incorporated breath work and meditation into her holistic nursing practice to facilitate healing in her work with women and special needs children and adolescents. Maureen sees the opportunity to teach yoga as a continuation of her ongoing spiritual journey for both personal growth and service to others.

MaryJo Samaritano

MaryJo Samaritano is an ERYT500/YACEP/MVT109 facilitator/Kids and Tweens Yoga/Trauma Informed/Retreat Leader. Yoga keeps me grounded. It provides calm to my mind, and openness in my heart. The practice keeps me strong and connected. I love to teach my students breathing and alignment technique. This challenges them since we move a bit slower, therapeutically, with longer holds. They are invited into postures just as they are, without judgement, accepting their body as it is. I am spiritual, and love to share it through readings and rituals. I love travel, especially to foreign lands, music, the beach, my pets, my family and friends.

Shellie Chiet

Shellie Chiet has been an advanced student of yoga for over 22 years. In Dec 2019 she earned her Certificate for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and is Insured & Registered thru Yoga Alliance. Shellie started Serenity Yoga in Jan 2020 with a strong emphasis on beginner Hatha slow flow infused with spirituality, sound healing, aromatherapy, and deep guided meditation. In 2021 Shellie began offering Yoga Retreats to Eleuthera Bahamas, Western NC, and upcoming Flamingo, Costa Rica.

William Crockett

William (aka papacrock), began his path to yoga in 2012, after various body aches and pains, and an experience with cancer. Growing up in Florida, he was always active in fitness and surfing. His first real yoga classes were restorative, where he was able to tune in to his body, breath and spirit. He now teaches a gentle and mindful yoga practice, emphasizing breath, alignment, and posture, through multiple poses to help those, with aging gracefully. William says the practice of yoga has definitely enhanced and extended the quality of his life, and his passion is to share this gift with others.