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Afternoon Unwind

Yoga sure sounds good after a hard day’s work…..until you hit the couch and can’t get yourself back out the door to go to class. Well, here’s a class just for you! Afternoon Unwind at 4pm! This one hour class will stretch those tired muscles, quiet your busy mind and ease you into a peaceful evening.

Align Your Asana

This Functional Yoga class will emphasize alignment and functional movement to systematically override patterns of compensation and bad habits in movement and posture. It is sustainable, freeing, efficient, and intelligent. Learn how to move safely and effectively on and off the yoga mat. The LYT Method of Functional Yoga is grounded in the modern teachings of Physical Therapy and neuro-developmental movement.

All Levels Vinyasa

The word vinyasa means “with appropriate placement”. Move through yoga poses while mindfully integrating movement and
breathe with proper alignment. Vinyasa yoga teaches us to cultivate awareness with our actions. The sequences in this all levels class will progress with harmony and grace. The class will follow a skillful rhythm and artful approach to yoga vinyasa. Whether you are new to yoga or have practiced for years, this class will be just what you need!

Breathe & Flow

An important aspect of a yoga practice is the merging of the physical with the ever more subtle. The body with the breath.
The breath with the mind. The mind with the spirit. The ability to continually engage and align with the awareness of breath,
body and spirit at the same time is one of the goals of yoga. This class will use movement and the subtle practices of pranayama and meditation to connect to a deeper space within yourself.

Chair Yoga

Can’t get down on the floor? Well, you don’t need to! Chair Yoga adapts yoga poses to your body through creative use of a chair.
The chair replaces the yoga mat and becomes an extension of your body. The student is able to warm up their body safely and
practice yoga with more support and stability. Poses are done seated on the chair or the chair is used for support during standing poses and balancing. Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions and especially beneficial for people with physical limitations. This is a 1 hour class.

Gentle Bhakti Flow

Soften your practice and your heart. Bhakti Yoga is a soulful, devotional path of yoga.  Combine gentle movements with blissful spiritual music to awaken your deepest inner Self.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga offers nurturing, kindness, and compassion for the body, regardless of a student’s age, physical ability, health or injuries. The class will allow every student to move safely into each pose, with sufficient time to employ props and make adjustments. There is a patient pace to a Gentle Yoga class, not rushing through the poses. Find equilibrium and bliss in every pose.

HEART Meditation
(Healing Energy Alchemy Reiki Therapy)

Have you ever wondered if you could hold that awesome floaty “savasana space” for an extended amount of time? Have you ever wondered if you could relax and clear your mind without all the yoga postures? The answer is YES! This one hour class is a partially guided meditation with Holly working her reiki/alchemy/energy magic on you. Tune in and tune up … let the healing begin!

Kali Natha Yoga

Kali Natha Yoga is a transformational practice of asana flow sets meant to ignite the feminine principle shakti through mantra, mudra, mediation, and pranayama. Kali Natha opens the practitioner to an inner awareness of Puja (moving prayer) while waking the spinal cord allowing kundalini to flow. Developed by the late spiritual teacher Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Kali Natha Yoga takes its name from Mother Kali and the Natha Shivaite lineage of traditional yoga. This yoga is accessible for all ages, body types and conditions.


Join us for deep discovery as we open the vibratory presence of our heart and soul through Kundalini yoga kriyas, sacred chant meditations, gong immersion, and other joys. with these practices we will awaken that invisible force of our higher consciousness that activate our revolutionary consciousness, creating an inner and outer flow of peace and joy. Come home to your heart through an inner evolution of self realization. Take the journey into your true identity.

Mellow Monday

Uplifting and gentle movements to ease off the Monday blues.  Connect to a space of deep relaxation and alertness through pranayama, meditation, fluid asanas and mantra. Elements of yin, gentle and restorative will be used to enhance this soothing and nurturing practice.

Mindful Vinyasa

Mindful Vinyasa is a gentle vinyasa flow class focused on being in the present moment. Classes start with breathwork to center with your mind and body followed by mindful vinyasa movements to warm and open up the body. A wonderful way to set the tone for your week ahead!

Morning Stretch

Good morning sunshine! Enjoy this stretchy floor class as we wake up slow and warm up to the day. The benefits of gentle stretching includes increased flexibility, range of motion, improved sports performance, injury prevention, preventing muscle soreness, improving posture and stress relief. Treat yourself!

Realign & Flow

This mellow flow style class starts with opening, warming and energizing the body.  A great way to wake up!  The second half of this practice is about realigning and stabilizing the body to feel strong, centered and focused.  This class will often be practiced at the wall, space permitting.

Reggae Vibes

Sunday morning vibes means Reggae Vibes! Ease into the day the Rasta way! Joyful sounds that make the world go round! A cheerful practice full of fun, flowy yoga asanas, groovy movements and earthy energy. Celebrate, Wake Up and Live!

“Say you just can’t live that negative way,
You know what I mean,
Make way for the positive day,
Cause it’s a new day,
New time, new feeling yeah!”
~ Positive Vibration – Bob Marley


The purpose of restorative yoga is to promote deep relaxation while holding the poses for longer periods of time, with the use of props, cushions, blankets and the wall. Restorative Yoga balances a fast lifestyle and has an enormous capacity to heal physical, emotional and mental issues that are stress related.  The parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated when we relax into poses, which promotes a relaxation response and reduces stress in our bodies. Restorative Yoga is derived from a yoga style that was developed by B.K.S. Iyengar. He developed and adapted asanas using props and modifications so that a student could practice without pain or strain. Class is held in a
soothing atmosphere for an almost “spa-like” experience.

Rock and Roll Yoga

It will be loud. There may be offensive language. If this doesn’t sound fun to you, PLEASE DON’T COME! The flow of the class will depend on the flow of the music and will vary each week. High energy music, high energy class. Chill music, chill class. The music may include Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Acoustic, Punk, Reggae or Alternative. (Suggestions welcome!) This is a great way to start your weekend off with some serious fun! Music connects us and is an essential way we express ourselves.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything”. – Plato

Self Care Saturday

Take some time to take care of your Self! Give yourself the gift of Self Care Saturday! This yoga class incorporates elements of self massage, yoga therapeutics, unique alignment sequencing with props as well as emphasis on the healing effects of breathing. Relieve stress, boost your immune system, bring clarity to your mind. Add this fun and innovative class into your self care routine.

Slow Vinyasa

Mindful, precise movement.  Movement with breathe.  This is what Slow Vinyasa is all about.  Movement without breath is just exercise, not yoga.  Find that connection between mind, body and spirit through your yoga practice.  Practice at a pace that allows for exploration of each pose, each breathe.  Slow down and take the time to find your Self again.

The Magic of Props

A healthy yoga practice evolves and changes throughout your life. Using yoga props to enhance your poses means that you understand your body and what you need on that particular day. A prop can free you from the distracting struggle often feel in certain poses. In this class, the use of yoga props such as blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters in unique and intelligent ways will create accessibility and proper alignment. Props give you access to more openness, freedom, stability, strength, self-awareness and concentration. Find that “just right” feeling in your practice! This class is appropriate for beginners, long-time practitioners and teachers alike. Get ready for some fun with props!

Wake Up & Stretch!

Start your day off right! This all levels class will focus on properly warming up all major muscles groups and increasing mobility in your joints. Wake Up & Stretch is perfect to prepare your body for your weekend activities. Going to the beach, golfing, tennis or another yoga class? Be ready to enjoy those activities to the fullest. Stretching gets your blood flowing, improves circulation and relieves muscular tension. This
moderately paced class moves methodically through each part of the body relieving muscular tension while releasing mental, emotional and psychological stress.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is practiced at a slower pace.  It gives the student a chance to unwind, to decompress to re-center.  The class typically is a series of long held, passive floor poses incorporating pranayama and meditation techniques. Yin Yoga is a quiet and simple practice, but not necessarily an easy one. There are longer periods of quiet and time to contemplate as you practice.  It nourishes your mind, body and spirit.   Yin Yoga works deeply into your connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones and fascia. It improves energy flow and enhances the flow of chi into the organs. Connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady load. If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time, the body will respond by making them a little longer and stronger— which is exactly what you want.


This deeply relaxing class will have elements of both Yin and Restorative Yoga.  The wall will be utilized for even more support in certain poses.  The practice will be slow, quiet, mindful and very healing.  Yoga props such as bolster, blankets and blocks will be used to find comfort and ease.

Yoga Basics

This is an appropriate class for beginners or any student who would like to explore the fundamentals of asana, pranayama,
meditation and yogic philosophy. This foundational class will examine the principles of proper alignment, breathing techniques
and meditation styles. Various yogic philosophies and spiritual traditions will be discussed as a way to enhance the student’s
personal practice. Many styles of Hatha yoga, including Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative or Yin will be included.

Yoga for Cyclists

This class is designed for cyclists and like-minded athletes (swimmers, runners, golfers). The class will help you alleviate tightness, gain mental clarity, flexibility and strength. Cycling keeps your body in a linear motion whereas yoga is about twisting. Cycling uses big muscles and the sympathetic nervous system whereas, yoga uses the smaller muscles and parasympathetic nervous system which controls rest and digestion. Yoga also helps diaphragmatic breathing, strengthens your glutes and core, which enables cyclists to hold a forward-leaning position for longer and with less stress to the body.

Yoga Soul

A mindful flow using breath, movement and meditation as an energetic pathway into the present moment and connection to your Inner Being.


  • All weekly classes are $10/person.
  • Cash, check to Green Tara Yoga or credit cards are accepted.
  • Workshops, special events or specialty classes will vary.

Etiquette and What to Expect:

  • Please arrive early for class. The studio door will be locked at 5 minutes after class start time.
  • Cellphones off or silenced please.
  • Advise the teacher of any injury or modifications necessary.
  • Wear comfortable stretchy clothing but not too loose.
  • Yoga is practiced barefooted, but non slip socks are acceptable.
  • Bring a yoga mat. We do have loaners if needed.
  • Now enjoy your yoga!!