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Out of town? Gone for the summer?  Traveling?  Just can’t make it to class?  Now you can log in and get your yoga from anywhere!  Mary will be posting a variety of videos for both yoga students and yoga teachers.  These video are not fancy or overly produced, much like Mary herself!  They are meant for you to really practice and apply to life in a practical way.
Online Classes are $10 per month or $108 per year.

Dharma Talks:
  The discussion that usually starts each of Mary’s classes.  These discussions may include yoga philosophy, history, ideas, practices, real world applications and just things to think about.

Chair Yoga Classes:  I heard you snowbirds!  Do your yoga when you’re not in Florida!  Great for anyone that can’t get down on the floor, wants yoga at their desk or maybe even in an airport.

Krama Sequences:  Kramas are short pose sequences that have the same foundation.  These are great for yoga teachers to help sequence their classes efficiently.  Also very useful for students to develop a home practice.

Mini Classes for Specific Issues:  These classes are designed with a specific issue or purpose in mind.  Need to sleep better?  Having anxiety?  Need to increase your concentration?  Find exactly what you need in your practice.

Pose Breakdowns:  An explanation of one specific yoga pose in detail.  What is the primary purpose of the pose, the proper alignment and optional use of props for modifications.

Yoga Storytelling:  Learn the mythology of the yoga poses.  Hear the history of the yoga tradition.  Listen to beauty stories of the characters that influence our practice.

Audio Only Classes:  Full classes with dharma talk, pose instructions, music and student participation but without any video.  Turn it up and practice as if you were in the room.

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